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North America , South America , Western Europe , Eastern Europe , Eastern Asia , Southeast Asia , Middle East , Africa , Worldwide
Main Market
Distributor/Wholesaler , Agent , Seller
Business Type
100% Original
No.of Employees
Annual Sales
Year Established
70% - 80%
Export p.c.
24 Hours Online Service
Customers Served

Dingcen International (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. specializes in the IC series products, which are widely used in various fields such as aerospace, communication, Internet of Things, automotive electronics, electronic equipment, instrumentation, security and fire protection, medical equipment, etc.

We have established stable business relationships with product developers such as SAMSUNG, MICRON, ALTERA, NXP, ATMEL, INFINEON, AOS, TOSHIBA, HYNIX, TI, NS, ST, ADI, VISHAY, MAXIM, ON, KEC, ROHM, WINBONOD, as well as European and American component developers, and enjoy franchise distribution rights for multiple company components. The company keeps a large amount of inventory year-round and provides professional ordering services to customers.

Since its establishment, Dingcen International (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. has provided electronic components through cooperation with the original factory and top agents, ensuring that all sold components are original and genuine, with 100% guaranteed quality


Dingcen International (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. is a value-added service provider that distributes various well-known electronic components from around the world. Since its establishment, it has been established for 5 years and has successively become the designated agent for Micross in the UK, US Micowaves in the US, and Spectrum Elektrotechnik in Germany in China. It is authorized to act as an agent for SDC, Gowin, Holychip, Alliance, and other domestic and foreign product lines, covering FPGA, MCU, Sensor, Driver IC MOSFET, Power, Memory, TVS and other products. At the same time, we have the advantage of distributing nearly a hundred world-renowned semiconductor brands such as ADI, XILINX, TI, MICRON, and ALTERA.

Dingcen International (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. is not only trusted and supported by customers, but also has won multiple industry qualifications and honors through continuous development and innovation. It is a member of the Hong Kong Electronics Chamber of Commerce, the first executive vice president unit of the Hong Kong Chip Industry Association, an ICCP certified member, a national AAA credit enterprise, and a trustworthy enterprise.

The electronic component manufacturing industry is the fundamental support for the entire electronic information industry. The total output value of China's electronic component industry accounts for about one-fifth of the electronic information industry. Driven by the trend of deep integration of industrialization and industrialization, the position of China's electronic component industry will further improve and become a key factor for the long-term development of the industrial field. Dingcen International (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. adheres to the core concept of "honest operation, win-win cooperation", with the vision of becoming a top value-added service provider for components in the world, focusing on the electronic information industry, and committed to creating sustainable value for customers. With the corporate spirit of "unity of knowledge and action, continuous struggle, teamwork, and sharing of gains", we deeply cultivate the field of electronic components and strive to be the forefront of the electronic component industry, And continuously unleash the value of the enterprise.


We can quickly and reliably deliver the high-quality electronic components our customers need. We create new processes to find obsolete and hard-to-find electronic components while preventing counterfeit products and shortening lead times.

We can also be your excess inventory handling experts. It can turn your excess inventory into cash and free up valuable warehouse space for unwanted electronic inventory.


We come from all over the world, with a common dream, forming a steel team.

Among them are well-thought planners, experienced marketers, and strong leaders, each of whom has their own strengths and complementary advantages. Over the years of interaction, we have jointly challenged and collaborated, establishing deep friendship and good understanding.

Our sales representatives, customer service agents, quality inspectors, and component engineers are all industry elites who strive to exceed customer expectations, meet customer needs, and solve customer problems with professional technology.